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Unlock the potential of every sample

Streamline every step, from sample in to sequence-ready with Roche Sample Prep Solutions. Our complete sample prep workflow offerings are the ideal choice for a wide range of sample types and applications, designed to give your research the best start possible.

Improved sequencing success begins with reliably effective solutions. Our innovative and automation-friendly workflow is compatible with a variety of sample inputs, able to free-up your time and resources to give you greater peace of mind.

Roche’s proven, simple, and complete sample prep applications have served the life sciences, translational and clinical research community for more than a decade and our next big innovation is right around the corner!

Supporting better beginnings for improved outcomes

Every sample is precious and obtaining the most relevant information, while optimizing your sequencing resources, requires the best sample preparation methods.

As sequencing technologies become more accessible and affordable, Roche is here to support your ambition for finding answers.

Our continually evolving portfolio features innovative tools for a wide range of applications to consistently ensure quality and performance so you can sequence less and discover more.

Together, we can push the boundaries of clinical discovery.


Our promise

Roche Sequencing Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class technologies with intuitive and integrated workflows, allowing you to:

  • Offer relevant medical content & design expertise

  • Unlock the potential of every sample

  • Enhance sequencing efficiency

We will continue to be your trusted partner in NGS sample prep, delivering innovative products that will lead to personalized healthcare for patients in the future.

What’s next?


The SeqCap product line played an important role in countless experiments over the years. As today’s research demands change, so will our offering.

Our latest sample prep solution is coming by the end of the year, and will feature a new exome and custom design web tool that will provide you with:

  • Expert designer support

  • Higher target coverage

  • Better capture uniformity

  • Lower duplicate rates

Working together, we can achieve the ultimate goal:

Doing now what patients need next.



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