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Maintaining Your Health is a Priority

After years of normal Pap tests, Laurie Rozgonyi's gynecologist discovered that she had HPV. She was later diagnosed with Stage 3B Cervical Cancer, Laurie underwent extensive treatment to combat the disease. Here's her story on becoming cancer-free and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for 11 years.

My Journey to Diagnosis

It all started in May 2003, after years of normal Pap tests, when I had one come back “abnormal”. Two repeat tests over the next few months were also “abnormal”, but nothing more was done. It wasn’t until I had dysfunctional vaginal bleeding and ended up in the ER that my gynecologist discovered I had HPV, as well as a large tumour growing in the wall between my vagina and cervix. Treatment began January 2004, and lasted for a few, long months. To confirm my cancer-free status, I have gone from screenings every 6 months, to 6 years ago, annual screening exams.

What's Important for Me to Share

The high levels of radiation did result in extensive damage to many of my internal organs, and while I now suffer from a range of on-going medical issues, I am generally just happy to be alive.  I am hopeful for a healthier future, with plans for an exercise program and support network to keep me motivated.  I use “whatnext.com” as an online resource for information where I can ask questions and get answers from a broad community of others who share similar experiences, and I do my best to stay actively involved in the management of my own health situation. 

Share your story

If your life has been touched by cervical cancer in some way, we want to hear it from you. Your personal story can help us inspire others to get tested for cervical cancer or cope with the cervical cancer diagnosis.


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