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The importance of regular health exams

Rexanna was overdue for her annual check-up after dealing with a marital separation and a move. When she finally got her physical exam, she was diagnosed with cervical disease. Read Rexanna’s story about overcoming cervical disease and the importance of maintaining one’s health.

Who I am

Back in early 1992, I was a young mother with three boys, and separated from my then husband in order to protect myself from his abuse and extramarital relationships. I was overdue for my annual check-up & tests because it had been difficult for me to make these a priority with everything else going on. However, lucky for me, when I moved to a new state, enrolled my children in a new school and took the time to fully care for them, I also had a physical exam for myself.

My Journey to Diagnosis

Like many other women, I also believed that if the doctor didn’t call me, there was no problem. It took 2-3 weeks before I received my test results, and I was shocked to hear the diagnosis of cervical disease due to a persistent HPV infection. Immediately following this news, I underwent treatment. Thankfully, I had an excellent support system and trust in my doctor who made sure I did everything I could to eliminate this problem.


It took a long time for me to return to good health. I am happy to report that since 1994, I am free of cervical disease. My message for women is to not take your health for granted, and take steps to prevent cervical cancer from happening. Don’t wait! Get yourself or your children vaccinated, go for your regular physician check-ups, and pay attention to what you can do to control and manage your health, especially if you have a young family depending upon you. You don’t want to be surprised with these results like I was, and you don’t want to depend on the doctor to remind you or call you – double check what you need and take your own action.

Share your story

If your life has been touched by cervical cancer in some way, we want to hear it from you. Your personal story can help us inspire others to get tested for cervical cancer or cope with the cervical cancer diagnosis.


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