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No one told me to get a first cervical cancer screening test at age 21

Amiliya Wubbels For young girls who are living like I did in my teens, more care-free and feeling invincible. I've learned that everyone is vulnerable to cancer, and all women should take their regular visits to the gynecologist seriously.

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Inform and educate women because there was so much I did not know

Tracy Jimenez Cervical cancer is nearly completely preventable and the best time to take action is before disease ever develops, through vaccination and regular screening.

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Pap tests alone are no longer good enough

Shari Ruesga A pap test can miss disease, and compared to newer HPV DNA screening technologies, is not an adequate prevention solution by itself.

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Maintaining vigilance with cervical cancer screening is important

Lizzi Haas In her early 20's, after receiving an abnormal pap smear and testing HPV positive, Lizzi's doctor did not inform her which strain, or what the risks were...

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HPV and cervical cancer prevention

Danielle Sepulveres After receiving an irregular Pap test and testing positive for HPV, she was diagnosed with cervical pre-cancer. She describes her fear and follow up treatment to prevent cancer from developing.

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Missing my best friend

Britni Allison Berner Sarah Hughes tells the story about her best friend Britni, who was diagnosed with Stage 1B2 adenosquamous cervical cancer at the age of 26. Tragically, Britni lost her life to this disease just 10 months later.

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Coping with a cervical cancer diagnosis

Carolann Tebbetts The diagnosis was a surprise, as she didn’t possess the commonly listed risk factors for cervical cancer. Read the heartening story of Carolann’s journey from diagnosis to treatment, and recovery.

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Being a mother and a cervical cancer survivor

Marie Johnson After giving birth to her youngest daughter, Marie received her first abnormal pap test. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and began regular treatment and check-ups.

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The importance of wellness exams

Rexanna Price Rexanna was overdue for her annual check-up after dealing with a marital separation and a move. When she finally got her physical exam, she was diagnosed with cervical disease.

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A determined cervical cancer survivor and patient

Erica Frazier Stum As a support to other women facing a similar cervical cancer diagnosis to hers, Erica is chronicling her experience with treatment and follow-up in an online blog.

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A cervical cancer survivor, Heather voices support for HPV as first-line screening test

Heather Banks In front of an FDA advisory panel of experts, survivor Heather Banks shared her experience with cervical cancer, and challenged experts to think about how her life might have been different.

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Cervical cancer is preventable

Tamika Felder As an advocate for cervical cancer prevention and founder of Tamika & Friends, Tamika shares her cervical cancer story and a valuable message on the importance of cervical cancer testing.

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Cervical cancer screening with HPV tests

Christine Baze Hear cervical cancer survivor Christine’s important message to lab professionals about the use of human papillomavirus (HPV) tests in screening.

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