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    cobas p 480 Instrument

    Improving laboratory efficiency and eliminating manual sample handling                                         

cobas p 480 Instrument

Automating your primary vial preprocessing steps

The cobas p 480 Instrument improves laboratory efficiency by allowing valuable technician time to be used more productively, eliminating repetitive, manual sample handling, improving workflow and reducing risk of contamination, human error and workplace injury.

Improving laboratory efficiency

• Accepts PreservCyt®, SurePath™ liquid based cytology vials as well as cobas® PCR Media and cobas® PCR Cell Collection Media primary vials

• Processes four vials simultaneously

• Intuitive interface requires minimal training

• High throughput automation allows a single cobas p 480 Instrument to support up to two cobas® 4800 Systems, delivering

Decapping workflow using 1 cobas p 480 Instrument and 2 cobas® 4800 Systems


Reduces hands on time and repetitive motions with four unique workflows


Removes caps from primary tubes for testing on the cobas® 4800 System


Aliquots configurable volumes from PreservCyt®, SurePath™ and cobas® PCR Cell Collection Media primary vials into barcode matched secondary tubes Compatible with SurePath™ vials with plastic inserts


Recaps sample vials with new caps to avoid contamination

Reagent addition and heating*

Addition of cobas® Sample Prep Buffer and incubation of specimens collected in SurePath™ medium to reverse cross-linking and free nucleic acids for testing1

*cobas® Sample Prep Buffer and use of SurePath™ Medium with the cobas® HPV Test are not approved by the FDA for use in the United States.


1. Kiernan, J. A. Preservation and retrieval of antigens for immunohistochemistry – methods and mechanisms Part 2. Retrieving masked antigens Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. The Cutting Edge: 5-11. http://publish.uwo.ca/~jkiernan/FixAnti2.pdf


System Specifications

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Power consumption Max. 1000 VA
Line Voltage 115 VAC (-15%) to 230 (+10%) VAC
Line frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5
Power interuption   115 VAC: 10 A
230 VAC: 5 A
Instrument to PC USB
HxWxD (with full cover) 90.5cm x 166.5cm x 101cm (35.6" x 65.55" x 39.76")
Weight ~180 kg


Improves sample reproducibility and process reliability

• Sample chain of custody is assured with primary and secondary vial barcode matching

• All vials are spun prior to opening to remove potentially contaminating droplets from sample caps

• Precision pipetting using CO-RE tip, Total Aspirate and Dispense Monitoring and Anti-Droplet Control technologies reduce opportunities for contamination and ensure sample integrity

• No LIS or data connection required

• Printable reports capture all sample ID’s, sample error and reagent lot and expiration information

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